MVL Reports
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MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay
updated on the latest news from the past month.

MonthlyMonthly Report (August 2023)

7 Sep 2023

MVL Signed an MOU with Galaxia Metaverse

MVL has signed an MOU with Galaxia Metaverse to expand the reach of its global ecosystem. Galaxia Metaverse is a blockchain company that provides a range of services based on blockchain technology, actively expanding the scope of both the domestic and international blockchain ecosystem through partnerships with industry leaders such as Pala, Somesing, and Cupping(WMPO). Through this partnership, MVL aims to enhance the benefits available to the mobility users within its ecosystem. Both organizations will utilize MVL tokens (MVL) and Galaxia Metaverse utility tokens (GXA) to offer a diverse range of services within the blockchain ecosystem and their respective digital wallets. For further details, please refer to the link provided below.


MVL, Clutch Renewal Update

MVL's official cryptocurrency wallet, Clutch, has introduced new features to provide users a more intuitive and friendly user experience. The new updates include steamlining the login process and optimizing the utilization and liquidity of MVP points, thereby boosting app activation. Additionally, overall improvements have been made to the wallet's structure and user interface. Here's a detailed breakdown of the updates.


- Use the app without logging in and activate the blockchain wallet anytime after signing up. 

- Improved the UI to view all blockchain networks on one screen. 

- Browsing and wallet management moved to the Wallet menu. 

- Added a MVP transfer function among Clutch users and a swap function from MVP to bMVL,

   enabling transfers to external blockchain wallets. 

- Added Klayton network blockchain wallet and GXA token. 

- Improved settings UI and overall user interface.


For more detailed information, please visit the Clutch download page on either the Android Play Store or iOS App Store.

MVL  Airdrop Event with MEXC Has Ended

We are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the bMVL holding event with the MEXC organized by MVL, which was made possible due to your active participation. We would like to thank once again everyone who participated in the event which took place from August 4th to 9th. During this time, the first 150 participants received 3,000bMVL, and the TOP 10 fastest participants were rewarded with an additional 10,000bMVL. The airdrop payout for this event was fully distributed on August 17th. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact us through the MVL integrated CS Inquiry. Please stay tuned for more exciting future events of MVL.

ONiON Mobility Participated in the "Electric Mobility Showcase 2023"

ONiON Mobility participated in the "Electric Mobility Showcase 2023" exhibition held in Cambodia Institute of Technology on August 11th. During this event, ONiON Mobility offered free electric vehicle test drives to the participants. Moreover, participants had the chance to gain insights into the latest mobility trends, engage in networking opportunities with industry leaders, and learn about the protection of environment. "Electric Mobility Showcase 2023" was an excellent opportunity for ONiON Mobility to showcase its achievements in sustainable transportation solution. The exhibition also served as a platform for engaging and interacting with audiences interested in electric vehicles and the environmental conservation. Please stay tuned for the future developments of ONiON Mobility.

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