MonthlyMonthly Report (September 2022)

12 Oct 2022

MVL Awarded at G20 DIN

MVL was named as the best innovative green and renewable energy startup at G20 Digital Innovation Network (DIN) held in Indonesia on September 4th. At this forum, the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, and over 100 global digital economy innovation startups and venture capitals from 20 major countries attended and participated in discussions and presentations on five different fields: healthcare, education technology, financial inclusivity, green and renewable energy, and supply chain. Throughout the forum, MVL had a presentation in regard to the green and renewable energy sector with the theme of “Building a Blockchain-based Mobility Ecosystem”, and had the opportunity to express its prompting businesses and visions. More details are provided in the link below.



ONiON Mobility Signed MOU for Internship with Good Neighbors Cambodia and ITI

On September 5th, ONiON Mobility signed an MOU with Good Neighbors Cambodia and Industrial Technical Institute. With this partnership, ONiON Mobility, with Good Neighbors Cambodia and Industrial Technical Institute, will promote an internship program and scout outstanding graduates from ITI (institute of industrial technology) and CTSDI (Cambodia Thai Skill Development Institute). The detailed information of MOU ceremony is linked below.

The Explosive Growth of MVL Blockchain Mobility Ecosystem

On September 8th, an interview article on MVL ecosystem was released on E-daily, a major economic media in Korea. The article focused on the explosive growth of the MVL blockchain mobility ecosystem, and demonstration of how could MVL overtake Gojek and become a top 2 ride-hailing service less than 5 years after its launch in Singapore. In addition, Kay Woo, the CEO of MVL, mentioned the master plan and the possibility of expanding TADA services in the Korean market. The details of the article are provided in the link below.

TADA Cambodia Held 'Call TADA Earn Bitcoin' Event

From September 26th to September 30th, TADA Cambodia held a Bitcoin rewarding event for TADA customers. Those who completed their 'Ride Count' in TADA Singapore services during the event period were rewarded Bitcoin in the proportion of their Ride Count. The rewards were able to be claimed between October 3rd and October 7th on the Clutch App. The details of the event are provided in the link below.