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MVL’s Mobility Ecosystem Innovation: Results of 1st Round Token Recirculation

7 Feb 2024

MVL is an ecosystem with the goal of innovating the mobility market through blockchain technology. Since its launch, MVL has been identifying various issues existing in the mobility market and striving to improve them. In particular, MVL has focused on problems such as the dominance of large platform companies in the global mobility market and significant disparities in mobility infrastructure levels and financing methods between countries.

To address these issues, the MVL team has successfully launched various mobility businesses since 2018, directly contributing to the improvement of the mobility market. MVL's services, including ride-hailing service TADA and electric vehicles, and energy infrastructure ONiON Mobility, have experienced significant growth and are now widely accepted as services across Asia.

One of the key points MVL aimed to improve through these services is the structure of the mobility market dominated by exclusive platforms. The goal was to create an ecosystem where value is shared with multiple participants, rather than having a single platform monopolize all data and value. Now that the actual business of MVL has entered a phase of stable value creation, MVL is actively seeking to share this value with the ecosystem users. To achieve this, MVL is conducting the MVL Token Recirculation Program.

The MVL Token Recirculation Program aims for the continuous growth of the MVL ecosystem and a value sharing with users. The program's key content and characteristics are as follows:

Key Content:

  • The fundamental idea behind this program is to share revenue generated from real-world mobility businesses with the ecosystem users, fostering greater engagement and facilitating the expansion of the MVL ecosystem.

Key Characteristics:

  • Direct Link to Real Business Value: Unlike other crypto projects with little connections to real-world businesses, the value of MVL’s real-world mobility businesses is injected into the blockchain ecosystem of MVL. This is based on the rapidly growing profits of MVL's mobility business.

  • Token Buyback and Reward Mechanism: Tokens purchased on exchanges are rewarded outside the exchange platform as MVL Staking rewards. This leads to a gradual reduction in the circulation of MVL within the exchange, providing direct benefits to holders over the long term.

  • Transparent Buyback Results: Buyback results are transparently disclosed through the blockchain network. The sharing of the repurchased quantity is conducted through the Staking Program on the MVLBridge website, allowing easy participation for any MVL token holder.

  • Long term: This is a core initiative of the MVL Foundation that will be conducted continuously over the long term, not just a one-time event.

Following these rules, the MVL team is conducting the MVL Token Recirculation Program, and has completed the first round of buyback. The results are as follows:

The purchased tokens are securely stored in the buyback wallet and will be shared with the community in the form of MVL Staking in the future. Anyone who holds MVL tokens can participate in the MVL Staking program through the MVLBridge website. MVL plans to conduct second and third rounds of buybacks to ensure continuous and steady value sharing. 

MVL's mobility innovation is now set to begin in  a full-fledge. 

Moving forward, we plan to continuously release various Staking pools for MVL holders and strive to make it easier for more users to participate by consistently updating the Staking website. Additionally, we are actively preparing a new financial model, Real-World Asset NFT, integrating mobility businesses, vehicle assets, and blockchain technology seamlessly.

In 2024, we aim to leverage the accumulated mobility and blockchain technology more actively to provide successful cases in both mobility market innovation and the global blockchain market, establishing a distinctive position.

Your continuous support and interest is highly appreciated. 

Thank you. 



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40 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573958

ⓒ MVL Foundation Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved.