NoticeStake bMVL & Win 1,000,000 bMVL in Total!

1 Dec 2022

MVL Staking has finally launched! 

We have prepared a special event for those who’ve been waiting. 

TOP 10 stakers who verify by retweeting the event post on Twitter will receive the 1,000,000 bMVL in total!

(Top 10 Stakers will be classified by harvest amount throughout the event period)

  • Event Period: 2022.12.01 (Thur) 09:30 ~ 2022.12.08 (Thur) 09:30 (UTC)

[How to Participate:]

1. Follow MVL official Twitter account (@mvlchain) and ‘Like’ the event post. 

2. Take a screenshot of your biggest bMVL earned after single staking in MVLBridge during the event period.


3. Click ‘Retweet (Quote Retweet)’ of the event post and tag MVL official Twitter account (@mvlchain) then upload a screenshot image of your biggest earned amount!


Winners ๐ŸŽ‰
TOP 1 ๐Ÿ†
200,000 bMVL
TOP 2- 5
100,000 bMVL each
TOP 6-10
80,000 bMVL each


  • The TOP 10 stakers are classified by the Earned amount (harvest amount).
  • Participants must proceed with all procedures of (How to participate). If not completed, participation will not be counted.
  • Verifying after the event period is not counted. Please be noted the event period.
  • The TOP 10 stakers will need to fill out and submit the google form for wallet address, Twitter account, and emails. (Google forms will be noticed in the further announcement).
  • Participants who do not submit the google form until the due date won’t count. Please check the due date that will be announced soon.
  • Any financial loss or disadvantages due to misunderstanding of the content is liable to the participants. Please read the notice and event information carefully.
  • Participating multiple times with multiple accounts and wallet addresses is not permitted.

Thank you