NoticeONiON Mobility, Partnership with CTR

27 May 2022

On the 27th, ONiON Mobility announced that it had signed an MOU with CTR, an auto parts company, to develop low-cost, small-sized cargo electric vehicles with reusable batteries with the opportunity of the Cambodia ONiON Mobility factory opening ceremony.

CTR is a company with expertise in auto parts production and is engaged in business with various global automobile companies such as GM, Ford, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. In partnership with MVL, we plan to invest more in the electric vehicle market and expand our business.

Starting with the opening ceremony of ONiON Mobility's electric vehicle production plant in Cambodia on the 24th, the two companies announced that they would expand their business to electric bikes, automobiles, and trucks, and the production of ONiON T1, E-Tuk Tuk is currently in the production. In particular, the development of electric freight vehicles using recycled batteries will serve as a cornerstone for entering Southeast Asia's smart delivery and logistics market. and milestone of web 3 mobility. Please stay tuned with us on our upcoming businesses. 

Thank you.