Opening of ONiON Station in Zepeto World & Related Events

12 Jan 2022

Today (Jan 12th), ‘ONiON Station,' in a virtual space of Zepeto World has opened. ONiON Station is implemented based on the actual E-TukTuk Charging Station located in Cambodia and is designed for community users who have difficulty visiting the local area to experience the station indirectly. You can visit by searching for ‘ONiON Station' in the world or the official MVL account (@mvllabs_official) on the Zepeto app. Or simply enter in by scanning the QR code attached to the image above. (Download the Zepeto app first to access with the QR code.) 

To celebrate the opening of ONiON Station in Zepeto, the MVL airdrop events will also be held until Friday, Jan 21st (for 10 days). There are 2 events available at the same time, and each participant can participate in both. Please enjoy and have fun at the ONiON Station. 

※ For participating, please be sure to check out the participation method and the notice. 

ZEPETO ONiON Station Selfie Event ➡ 

ZEPETO ONiON T1 Experience Event ➡

Now, visit ONiON Station in Zepeto World and enjoy yourself at the ONiON Station. Don't miss out participating in the events and win a chance to receive MVL airdrop. In addition, there will be special MVL items available, so please try them on. 

Thank you. 

Trust-Driven MVL