MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay updated on the latest news from the past month.

MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay
updated on the latest news from the past month.

MonthlyMonthly Report (February 2023)

10 Mar 2023

MVL Launched ETH-MVL Staking Pool & Held Event

On February 22nd, MVL launched its new ETH-MVL LP staking pool. This LP staking pool is conducted with ERC20-based MVL tokens and the ETH pair to provide liquidity for stable trading and exchange of MVL tokens. A farm where LP tokens can be deposited has been opened on the MVL Bridge, and participants can receive MVL tokens as rewards depending on the amount and duration of the deposit. To celebrate the staking release, MVL has prepared a launching event where participants can receive an airdrop for staking. This event, which runs until March 10th, will airdrop 10,000 MVL tokens to the first 100 participants who stake 50 or more LP tokens in the new ETH-MVL LP pool. For more details and guidance regarding this event, please check the link below.


TADA Cambodia Held Events with Tezos

Starting from February 1st and continuing for two weeks, TADA Cambodia held several events in collaboration with Tezos. The events were divided into two parts: Ride TADA & Earn Tezos, and Play Democopter & Earn Tezos. The 'Ride TADA & Earn Tezos' event allowed participants to call a ride through the TADA app, complete their desired destination, and then receive Tezos coins as a reward after claiming them through the Clutch app. The second week's 'Play DEMOcopter & Earn Tezos' event allowed participants to receive Tezos coins as a reward simply by playing the DEMOcopter game and ranking in the top 10. Both events were successful, with a high level of participation from TADA users and DEMOcopter players. We are excited to collaborate with other projects and bring more events in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

Clutch iOS & Android Update

MVL's official cryptocurrency wallet, Clutch, has been updated. The details of the update are as follows:

  • Fixed an error where the transaction fee is not set when sending tokens       by scanning QR code.

Added support for USDT on the Ethereum network and USDT and BUSD                      on the Binance Smart Chain network

Added Tezos network

Upgraded event details UI screen

Fixed minor bugs on login

For more details on the update, please refer to the Clutch app download page on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

TADA Cambodia Held 'TADA Hero' Series

TADA Cambodia hosted a weekly series called 'TADA HERO', which aimed to provide educational information to TADA customers. Each week, famous local individuals from various fields were invited to deliver insightful lectures. The series started with a lecture on caring for the mental health from Dr. Mengly J. Quach and was conducted for a total of six times, featuring experts from various fields such as doctors, CEOs, and professors in Cambodia. The series was well-received by TADA customers, and participants were able to learn various life hacks and knowledge from professionals across different fields. Although the series has ended with six episodes, TADA Cambodia will come back soon with more events and campaigns.