MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay updated on the latest news from the past month.

MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay
updated on the latest news from the past month.

MonthlyMonthly Report (December 2022)

11 Jan 2023

MVL Staking Services Launched

MVL has launched staking services. In December, MVL launched both single staking and LP staking services in sequence. Holders of MVL/bMVL can now contribute to the liquidity of bMVL tokens and on-chain transactions of the MVL blockchain through single/LP staking and receive rewards for doing so. MVL will continue to expand the services that MVL holders can participate in, so please stay tuned with us!



Kay Woo Interviewed with Bloter

Kay Woo (CEO of MVL) had an interview with Bloter Numbers, a platform that conveys news and information about fast-growing startups and innovative companies, on the subject of 'how MVL tokens will apply in the mobility ecosystem'. In this interview, Kay explained the explosive growth of TADA services in Southeast Asia and how MVL has linked blockchain to mobility services. Furthermore, Kay pointed out the ultimate value of the mobility ecosystem that MVL is striving for and conveyed the procedures for building a mobility incentive protocol in MVL. For more details about the interview, please check the link below!

MVL Successfully Held Pre-events for Staking Launch

MVL held various events that MVL holders could participate in for MVL Staking. The first event was a free conversion fee event for MVL (ERC20) holders, which enabled them to convert their MVL (ERC20) to bMVL (BEP20) for free. The second event was a bMVL airdrop event for the top 10 stakers with the highest staking amount among those who verified their staking records on Twitter. The event was intensely competitive until the end, with rankings fluctuating until the last minute. Thank you again to all of the holders who participated and made this event a success.

TADA Cambodia, MVP -> MVL Conversion

TADA Cambodia is planning to improve the MVL point system that was previously provided to TADA riders and drivers, and introduce a better MVL incentive policy. Therefore, we are conducting a MVL token exchange for those who hold MVL points in the TADA App from December 19th to April 30th, 2023. The MVP tokens can be swapped through the Clutch App, and the detailed guideline of the exchange is provided on the Clutch App.