MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay updated on the latest news from the past month.

MVL Reports
Check MVL's monthly report to stay
updated on the latest news from the past month.

MonthlyMonthly Report (August 2022)

6 Sep 2022

MVL x CEVO Mobility

MVL has signed an MOU with CEVO Mobility for producing and selling micro-electric commercial vehicles. CEVO Mobility is a subsidiary of Cammsys that was established to conduct EV business such as manufacturing and selling micro-electric vehicles. Through this partnership, both will focus on logistics platform services and supplying commercial electric vehicles in Southeast Asia to actively expand logistics services in the market. MVL will utilize micro-electric commercial vehicles from CEVO Mobility to its TADA ride-hailing service and logistics services. In addition, MVL will apply a blockchain-based car management system to the vehicles for a swift and safer logistics system.

DEMOcopter is Back!

On August 17th, a mini game, DEMOcopter was back. Various missions and events were held for a week after its launch and successfully ended with the participation of many users. DEMOcopter is an easy-to-play mini game that anyone can play by simply controlling the helicopter-versioned DEMO T1. Team DEMO will be back with more exciting events, so make sure to stay tuned. More events from Team DEMO will be revealed through the DEMO Discord channel, so join the Discord channel for more information.

Clutch Trade Beta Test Airdrop

The 1st and the 2nd Clutch Trade Beta Tests were held from August 3rd to 6th. With the release of the new “Trade” tab in the Clutch app, a beta test event was held as a surprise to give out bMVL to each participant. During the event, the participants who swapped bMVL and BNB through the new “Trade” function were rewarded with Trading Points based on the amount of the trading volume (different weights were applied to buying and selling bMVL). And bMVL were airdropped in proportion to the number of Trading Points each participant has. Thanks to the support and participation of many users, the test event ended successfully. Please refer to the link below for more information on the event.

ONiON Mobility Held Study Tour at the Assembly Plant

ONiON Mobility hosted a study tour of the ONiON Mobility’s assembly plant with students from Cambodia-Thai Skills Development Institute and Industrial Technical Institute. Through this vocational education, the students were able to have a fruitful time by learning about the company ONiON Mobility and technology and production chain of ONiON Mobility’s T1. Internship program from ONiON Mobility was also offered to the students and was well-received. ONiON Mobility plans to put effort into developing vocational education for the Cambodian students, which will ultimately grow future talents that will further strengthen ONiON Mobility.