#GetHitchedWithTADA Campaign

8 Mar 2022

TADA is giving out Ride Vouchers to three winning couples and all their wedding attendees ($100 worth of ride vouchers for each couple; $5 ride voucher for each attendee, capped at 250 attendees per wedding). 

Nominate yourself or your friend to receive this special “door gift” from TADA. The best story wins! The contest is open to all Singapore residents.

Campaign Duration

Entries from 00:00:00am on 09 March 2022 to 11:59:59pm on 31 March 2022 (Singapore Standard Time) will be accepted.

SingaporeBrides and Beauty Insider Singapore are in collaboration with TADA in the #GetHitchedWithTADA campaign. The three winning couples will be picked by SingaporeBrides, Beauty Insider and TADA. To pick its own winner, SingaporeBrides will run a contest on its Instagram feed (@singaporebridesweddings) simultaneously where a different set of contest rules may apply. 

Eligibility and Nomination

You can nominate yourself or a friend. The nominated candidate needs to be a soon-to-wed whose wedding reception will take place in Singapore, from 18 April 2022 to 18 Apr 2023. 

How To Nominate

  1. Publish an Instagram post in your own feed with a caption nominating yourself or a friend for this giveaway. There’s so much we want to know about:

    E.g. What sparked the romance?
    Have you ever overcome obstacles in your relationship and became stronger than ever?
    If you are nominating someone, why do you think that he has found the right person?
    What has the “love story” taught you?
    Why do you want to win this giveaway?

  2. Tag @tadasg_official and hashtag #GetHitchedWithTADA in the post caption.
  3. The post visual can be either a photo or video. If you are nominating yourself, the photo/video should feature you and your significant other. If you are nominating a friend, you should pick a photo/video of you and the friend or a photo/video that features the soon-to-wed.
  4. Set your Instagram account to Public

Winner Announcement and Prize Redemption

There will be three winning couples chosen by TADA, SingaporeBrides, Beauty Insider Singapore which are in collaboration with TADA in the #GetHitchedWithTADA campaign.

All three winners will be announced on 8 April 2022 on TADA’s instagram account (@tadasg_official). 

TADA will be subsequently in touch with the three Instagram users who submitted the winning entries and the couples they nominated to facilitate the prize collection.

The $100 worth of TADA ride vouchers for the couple will be issued to their TADA apps directly upon verification, in $10 and $20 denominations. The winning couple may decide on the allocation of vouchers. The vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of issuance. This prize can be redeemed up to 3 months before the wedding date, with proof of venue confirmation.

The $5 TADA ride vouchers for all wedding guests of the winning couple can be redeemed in two ways:

Option 1: TADA will issue a generic promo code and set it for a validity period of from one week before to one week after the actual date of wedding reception. The generic promo code can be customized (e.g. ANDYxEMILY) for you to announce to your wedding guests via digital invitations. It requires 3 working days for the promo code to be ready.

Option 2: TADA will provide the couple with a stack of printed ride vouchers featuring unique promo codes (e.g. AE3GrF5). This option requires a lead time of at least 1 week and suits couples who want to distribute printed ride vouchers as door gifts at the reception on the actual day. The validity period will be set as 2 weeks from the date of wedding reception.

The issuance of the $5 TADA ride vouchers for wedding attendees is subject to these terms and conditions:

  • The $5 TADA ride vouchers for each wedding reception will be capped at 250 attendees. In the scenario where the Covid-19 rules in Singapore are further relaxed and you intend to invite more than 250 guests, the couple may approach the TADA team for a separate arrangement. 
  • The prize (printed ride vouchers / generic promo code) can be redeemed up to 3 months before the wedding reception. The proof of venue confirmation or other forms of evidence may be required by the TADA team for verification purposes. 
  • The promo code can be applied to one TADA ride by each TADA rider during the respective validity periods.

General Terms and Conditions

The #GetHitchedWithTADA campaign is open to all Instagram users. However, the wedding of the nominated couples needs to take place in Singapore.

One entry is allowed per Instagram account. Multiple entries nominating the same soon-to-wed are accepted, however, the number of entries is unrelated to the chance of winning.

All decisions made by the TADA team shall be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entertained. 

TADA Mobility (Singapore) Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.